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Certified Translation for Immigration USCIS

by Robert White

A certified translation for immigration is an affidavit, confirming the translator’s talent to transform the source document into the English language. Thereafter, the translation is attached to the immigration application. When you are done reading the article, you will have a thorough understanding of certified translation, its reasoning, and its benefits.

The USCIS requires a certified translation for immigration as per the Code of Federal Regulations, 8 CFR 103.2(b) (3). It clearly states, Any document containing foreign language submitted to USCIS shall be accompanied by a full English language translation which the translator has certified as complete and accurate, and by the translator’s certification that he or she is competent to translate from the foreign language into English.

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What is a certified translation?

A certified translation is the literal translation of the source document, just in a different language as required. However, additionally, it requires a certification that mentions the translation is accurate. A certificate immigration translation submitted to the USCIS is used for university enrollment, courts, and bureaucratic purposes at local, federal, and state governments.

For a translation to be complete, it must successfully represent the source document. The translators cannot freely move or add words where they feel necessary; otherwise, the text becomes misinterpreted. The feature is not so noticeable when translating birth certificates. However, with documents containing sensitive information with complete names, a certified translation must be performed carefully.

The USCIS is confident the certified translation received is an accurate representation of the original document without biased text removal or additions. It will aid in proceeding with the application smoothly.

A certified translation is provided with a certificate, mentioning the translation was undertaken by a qualified linguistic expert who is knowledgeable in the two languages—the source and the translated. Kings of Translation employs human talent to meet the linguistic demand of USCIS. Unlike our competitors, AI tools are used in a limited capacity to prevent the translation from coming out generic.

Furthermore, Kings of Translation provides a certificate that testifies to the authenticity of the translation. In addition, we also provide countless revisions to ensure the translated document successfully conveys to the original document.

Kings of Translation also takes additional steps to streamline the authentication process. The certification is provided on the company letterhead with the order number clearly mentioned. Furthermore, our contact information is also present on every page with the corresponding ATA number.

In addition to the mentioning, the certification also mentions the translator does not have a direct or familial association with the holder of the original document. Kings of Translation also offers notarial services if needed to provide original documents with ink signatures.

Why hire Kings of Translation?

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Kings of Translation is an expert in converting formal documents without altering the content mentioned therein. We have the right resources and the equipment to translate immigration documents into English for USCIS purposes. The clients work with linguistic experts to eliminate future revisions and streamline their immigration applications.


We understand your future is pivotal. Therefore, we take every client seriously. Kings of Translation is adamant about meeting deadlines since most immigration requests are timed barred. When you work with us, rest assured, a certified translation is provided right on time. Thus, establishing a long-term relationship with our clients.

Linguistic comprehension

Before you make the mistake of hiring novice translators, understand they may not have the capacity to grasp the linguistic complications. A certified translation is a word-for-word document against the source document. Therefore, if not translated correctly, it can make the process complicated. Now your future is unsure which could have been avoided by hiring an expert linguistic service.


One of the components of a certified translation is accuracy. An overlooked translation related to bureaucracy or immigration is similar to a dangling sword. The linguistic experts have the cultural understanding to carefully assess differences as they are native speakers. Therefore, the professionals will monitor punctuation, grammar, symbols, and spellings very carefully.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my friend translate documents for USIS?

Your friend cannot translate the USIS documents, regardless of their linguistic proficiency. As the applicant, it is advised to hire linguistic services that provide a certified translation against USCIS requirements.

Can I use Google Translate to translate documents?

Unfortunately, Google Translate is not considered a credible linguistic expert by the USCIS.

Will USCIS accept a summarized version of a translation?

USCIS may accept a summarized version in cases where the original document contains omitted or unnecessary information. As a result, an official translated extract is accepted as an authorized part of the record.

What to do if USCIS rejects the translation?

If you wish to avoid complications in your immigration application, it is best to hire a professional linguistic service such as Kings of Translation. However, any legitimate cause can be communicated with USCIS by submitting a Request for Evidence.

What are the reasons for RFE?

An RFE is requested when the translation is missing information, seems unprofessional, or inaccurate. To avoid elongating the immigration process, always use a professional service.

What is the difference between a certified translator and a certified translation?

A certified translator means a linguistic expert that has passed a professional examination in a particular language. However, the exam is not a norm in all countries. On the other hand, a certified translation is a signed document, configuring the factual text mentioned in the translation.

Is certified translation required by USCIS?

Any document that is non-English must be translated into the English language to move forward with the immigration USCIS process. A certification is attached, attesting to the legitimacy, accuracy, and completeness of the translation.

Can I hire freelancers for USCIS translations?

Since a freelancer is not associated with a company, it is not guaranteed the translation will meet the requirements.

ATA Registered Translators
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As one of the world’s leading translation-based membership associations, the ATA is dedicated to maintaining the quality as well as the integrity of language translation both within the US, and internationally. Kings of Translation – an official ATA member.

Who accepts our certified translations?
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Proper communication based on translation makes bureaucratic processes a lot easier, especially when the experts have the linguistic understanding. Kings of Translation offers professional services related to immigration documents and certified translations.

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Roy K. Brown
Roy K. Brown
May 5, 2022.
I translated my German diploma into English. Great price and time frame. I'm thankful.
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Louise Garrett
May 3, 2022.
The customer service was great and their prices are the lowest around! Plus, my translation was fast--I received it in less than 24 hours after submitting all of our requirements to them via email .
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David Hamilton
April 30, 2022.
Thankfully, I found a translation company that could help me out with my urgent request. They provided the certified birth certificate translation in just few hours! Thanks for all your hard work guys and good luck on future projects 🙂
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Rosey SIngh
April 29, 2022.
USCIS approved my application! The best translation service I have used. Very responsive and efficient staff that is always there when you need them! USCIS accepted my document. USCIS.Thanks!! Highly Recommend!!
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Sherry M Farrell
April 28, 2022.
You can be sure that you will get the best service with this company. They are very interactive, friendly and efficient! Their instant response time is exceptional as well-you won't have to wait long for your answer or question on any matter at all if it has anything do with translations (even just clarifying something). Overall an amazing experience; I would definitely use them again in future needs.
Ngoc Nguyen
Ngoc Nguyen
April 16, 2022.
Amazing service!!! They are very responsive and professional. I gave them a copy of my birth certificate and realized that maybe I should have used my original one instead. They were willing to translate the original one for me again with free of charge. I'd definitely recommend them to anyone who needs this service. Thank you for your service!!!
Seidy Marisela Zepeda
Seidy Marisela Zepeda
April 14, 2022.
Excelent service!
April 13, 2022.
excellent service. Very prompt and professional. The service is excellent and will be using them in the future. Thank you
Wilma Evans
Wilma Evans
April 9, 2022.
I received a professional response as soon as I emailed them. A quick email back-and-forth about my translation needs (I needed it done as soon as possible!) led to the document being translated within 48 hours, even including sending over hard copies! Throughout this entire process, their communication has been stellar; not only do these people know what they're doing, but they also know how to make things run smoothly without any stress on your part.

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