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When you need Greek translations, contact Kings of Translation. Our industry experts have a portfolio of 120 languages so they can deliver impeccable translations within your desired deadline.

Embark on a journey to the cradle of Western civilization with Kings of Translation’s Greek translation services. Our online platform offers expert, culturally nuanced translation solutions to and from Greek, catering to businesses, academic institutions, legal professionals, and individuals aiming to effectively communicate with Greek-speaking audiences. Whether it’s for document translations, website localizations, marketing materials, technical manuals, or personal communications, our team of professional translators is proficient in the intricacies of the Greek language and its rich cultural heritage. We ensure your message is accurately conveyed, fostering clear communication and building strong connections within the Greek-speaking world. Trust Kings of Translation for professional and secure Greek translation services, online, to bridge linguistic gaps and enhance your engagement across Greece and Greek-speaking communities.

The benefits of Kings of Translation for your Greek translation needs

As well as our extensive experience, by using Kings of Translation for your Greek translation needs, you will benefit from:

  • Seamless technical translations in 120 languages.
  • High-quality 24/7 client support.
  • Flexible, affordable payment plans.
  • Niche industry skills and linguistic knowledge
  • One-day project delivery times, if that’s what you need.

As an industry leader in all types of translation, the Kings of Translation team has the experience and expertise to deliver the highest industry standard of Greek translation.

Our services also offer the following benefits for your convenience and peace of mind:

  • With a portfolio of 120 languages, our experts will be proficient in both the origin and source language.
  • You will be assigned a niche industry expert with proficiency in both the origin and source language that you require.
  • We have an international team of translators, so whatever your time zone and deadline, we have someone available to complete your project 24/7.
  • We offer competitive fees with a range of flexible payment plans.

Surprising facts about the Greek language

  • The Greek language is one of the oldest in the world, with evidence of its existence going back to 1000 BCE. The written alphabets are based on the Semitic alphabets, with 24 letters and seven vowels.
  • Greek is the first language in history to have a separate category of vowels and constants.
  • There were only upper-case letters in the original Greek script. However, the lower case was introduced much later due to linguistic evolution.
  • It wasn’t until the 4th century BC the Greek alphabets, ranging from alpha to omega, were standardized. Before that, each alphabet had a geographical variant which made the Greek language far more complicated.
  • The Greek alphabets serve as illustrations and symbols for technical use in science and maths besides being commonly spoken in Greece too.
  • When the Phoenician alphabet was adopted, the Greek’s names did not match yet were modified to showcase the local phonology and voice. Therefore, aleph, bet, gimel took the new names of alpha, beta, and gamma.
  • The Greek alphabets’ sounds are guided by their symbol. The feature makes the dated and modern Greek reasonably easy to pronounce.
  • The comma or pause in Greek is used as a decimal point. It is called the hypodiastole, and when used in Greek words, it can change the meaning altogether. A typical example is ό,τι which means whatever and ότι which means that.
  • The em dash quotation marks are called παύλα to represent direct speech from the subject.
  • Greek uses; as a question mark. The shape is highly similar to the semicolon; in English and European languages.
  • The following letters are unique, which may cause misunderstandings when translating the Greek language onto a paper:
  • The Greek letters representing the sound i are υ, η, and ι.
  • The sound Latin O makes is denoted by the Greek alphabet ω and ο.
  • Greek i is represented by ει. Furthermore, Greek e is represented by αι.

Kings of Translation Area of Expertise

Kings of Translation provides professional Greek translation in the following categories

  • Localizing websites to attract the Greek market
  • Localizing mobile applications for Greek users
  • Localizing games for Greek gaming lovers
  • Localizing product descriptions to enter Greek industries
  • Social media posts and digital marketing
  • Customer support to facilitate Greek customers
  • Menus, pamphlets, and instruction manuals

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Greek challenging to learn?

Greek is not on the list of the most difficult languages. However, it is challenging for English-speakers who do not have knowledge of Greek alphabets. Furthermore, since Greek is related to European languages, Euro residents understand the language quicker.

Is Greek becoming obsolete?

The argument between modern and ancient Greek is never-dying. The Greek language is as obsolete as Old English and Old Slavonic. Greek native speakers are no longer alive. Since the language has progressed over the past few centuries, it is unlikely to die.

Which languages are closest to Greek?

Greek roots meet the Indo-European family, so they have no direct family members worldwide. However, its cousins are German, Roman, and Slavic languages.

Our Greek translation fees

At Kings of Translation, we pride ourselves on providing the highest professional quality and value at the most reasonable prices. To learn more about our competitive prices and flexible payment terms, contact us today.

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