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Norwegian is part of the Scandinavian languages that are incredibly similar. Therefore, an inexperienced translator may overlap in using relevant languages. We realize there are freelancing translators. However, professional strategies and criteria are necessary for translating documents into the Norwegian language.

Did you know this about the Norwegian language?

  • The Norwegian language is a broad term that umbrellas a few dialects. Bokmål is the official Norwegian dialect, and Nynorsk signals the New Norwegian dialect. High Norwegian is called Hognorsk. The dialects vary from city to city. However, Nynorsk and Bokmål are used in writing the Norwegian language.
  • Bokmål and Nynorsk can create complete sentences without loaning words from another language or dialect. These dialects are native to Norwegian because of their use since childhood.
  • Nynorsk has a complex grammar compared to Bokmål since it practices three genders; neuter, feminine, and masculine. On the other hand, Bokmål manipulates the masculine and feminine to create a common gender.
  • The words in the Norwegian language are very similar to English words. While some are precise, like problem and bank, others are less obvious. These words are av (of) and Velkommen (welcome).
  • Since Norwegian sea-travelers settled in Iceland, the two languages are much related. Furthermore, the Danish language also reined Norway and Iceland for some time. Therefore, there is limited Danish influence in the Norwegian language.
  • Danish was the written language in Norway from 16th to 19th century. You could consider Bokmål a Norwegian version of the Danish language. However, Nynorsk is the Danish opposite version of the Norwegian language with conflicting dialects and grammar.
  • Norwegian is identifiable with its clear tones and accent. A foreign speaker will assume the language as singing due to its tonal attribute. However, it may be challenging to differentiate between homonyms.
  • Who doesn’t wish to relax and drink on the weekends? The Norwegians like it so much that they created a specific word—helgefylla. The event officially involves lovingly drinking on weekends and having a laugh with your friends.
  • Similar to the Swedish language, there is no word for “please” in the Norwegian language. The language is polite and lyrical, so the absence of “please” has never been noticed. The words automatically change into unnecessary politeness, such as “can you” or “may you.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Norwegian translation
Norwegian translation

Who speaks the Norwegian language?

The Norwegian language is chiefly spoken in Norway because it is its official language. However, many Norwegian speakers also reside in Iceland, Denmark, and Sweden. Other countries include Spain, Canada, and the ISA.

How many people speak Norwegian?

5.3 million people are speaking the Norwegian language when you read this sentence. The majority of the percentage of Norwegian speakers reside in Scandinavian countries, Europe, and Canada.

Is Norwegian different from the Swedish language?

Norwegian and Swedish are derived from the Scandinavian languages. Therefore, they share the exact words and pronunciations verbatim. The languages are entirely different in their written form. However, their interpretation is subjective.

How is Norwegian different from Danish?

Norwegian and Danish are also from the Scandinavian languages, which means similar grammar and vocabulary. Furthermore, the two languages are very similar in writing form, though the pronunciation may vary.

Why hire Kings of Translations?

Client comes first

Kings of Translation will provide solutions according to the client’s requirements and needs. We take pride in advising the clients regarding editing, proofreading, and transcribing services to achieve a professional Norwegian translation. The document is endlessly revised until it reflects the source document perfectly. Furthermore, we present the clients with the requirements if they are foreign to the procedure.


Kings of Translation will successfully translate documents from legal, marketing, and medical industries. The translators are native speakers and academically qualified to provide a professional Norwegian translation in numerous sectors. The linguistic experts have been hired based on their experience and qualifications.

Prompt communication

Kings of Translation has simplified the client-translator process with an online communication portal. Project management channels are simplified by employing expert proofreading and editing teams who are genuinely interested in projects. The translators will provide the necessary input to complete the translation.

Value-added services

Kings of Translation adds value to the services through hard work and technological assistance. The translators at our humble service will understand the clients’ needs to establish a joint relationship focused on close collaboration and cooperation with the client.

Kings of Translation area of expertise

Kings of Translation will work with the client to provide translations in the following specialties:

  • Localizing websites to generate Norwegian online traffic
  • Localizing mobile applications for Norwegian users
  • Localizing gaming for the Norwegian entertainment industry
  • Localizing product descriptions and packaging to attract Norwegian customers
  • Norwegian Digital marketing
  • Customer support for Norwegian users
  • Pamphlets, traveling guidelines, protocols for the Norwegian sector

Experience corporate professionalism at Kings of Translation

Kings of Translation is a leader in the linguistic sector with professional communication skills. Our specialized translations incorporate timely deliverance and confidentiality protocols to protect the clients. Request a quote at the website for a particular project for a cost estimate.

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