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by Robert White
Turkish translation

If you didn’t know, Turkish is the official language of Turkey. However, it is spoken in a few European countries due to strong economic ties with the host nation. Therefore, it is evident you will encounter the Turkish language at some point in your life. Continue reading to learn more about the Turkish language.

What makes the Turkish language so interesting?

  • The Turkish alphabet has  29 letters in it. Seven out of the 29 are unique and modified versions of the Latin alphabets to reflect the sound made in the Turkish language. These are Ğ, Ş,I, Ü, İ, Ö, and Ç.
  • The Latin alphabets Q, X, and W do not exist in the Turkish alphabet.
  • The Turkish language is very unique because of the phonetics involved. Each letter in a Turkish word will be pronounced clearly to maintain its individual phonetic properties. The Turkish alphabets are part of three incredibly phonetic alphabets in the linguistic world.
  • The Turkish language has two variations of the Latin letter I. These are İ and I. Each variation has a linguistic purpose and an upper and lower case. Respectively, the lower cases are i and ı.
  • The Turkish spelling is entirely against two vowels appearing together in words. Furthermore, there are no diphthongs. However, some words are borrowed from the foreign language into Turkish.
  • The vowel arrangement in the Turkish language involves placing them at the front or end of the word. However, the vowels can be either unrounded or rounded, too.
  • The Latin letter Y is a consonant in Turkish. Its use is mediatory, placing it between two vowels to keep them sane or separate.
  • Nouns in the Turkish language have no gender. However, they have six cases; nominative, accusative, dative, ablative, dative, and genitive.
  • Some adjectives can be used as nouns. The placement follows nouns that have been modified to fit the context.
  • Since nouns are not defined by gender, the same applies to pronouns, too. The pronoun o can be used as he, it, or she.
  • The Turkish verbs represent negation, potential, and impossible context. Verb negation is represented by adding “me” to the verb root.
  • Six Turkish alphabets have two pairs of similar letters. These alphabets are pronounced differently. Here they are:
U – ÜC – Ç
I – İG – Ğ
O – ÖS – Ş

 Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a difference between the Turkish and Azeri languages?

Turkish and Azerbaijani individuals communicate very easily since the languages are identical at most sixty percent. Furthermore, grammar and punctuation also overlap with the exact core vocabulary.

Are Arabic and Turkish the same?

The answer in a gist is no. Arabic and Turkish languages belong to different linguistic classifications. Arabic is a Semitic language, whereas Turkish finds its roots in Central Asia. If you see Arabic and Turkish overlap, it was probably because of a common ruler—the Ottoman Empire.

How many people speak Turkish?

When you are reading this, at least 80 million people speak Turkish worldwide. It is the 20th most spoken language on our humble planet.

Is Turkish challenging to learn?

As with any language, Turkish has its complexities. The most apparent is the sentence structure which follows an unusual amount of suffixes and inflections to make grammatical sense. Furthermore, there are also front and back vowels to stay aware of.

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Turkish translation

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