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Did you think a Bulgarian translation was possible quickly and reasonably priced? The network of translators is dedicated to bridging linguistic distances by promoting the language. Continue reading to learn how they do it so eloquently.

Some interesting facts about the Bulgarian language

The Bulgarian language was the first language to transfer onto paper from the Slavic category. It was alphabetized in the 9th century on a chilling winter. The initial script contained Glagolitic alphabets, which are considered the dated version of the Cyrillic alphabets we see today.

The initial Bulgarian alphabets incorporated 30 to 40 Cyrillic alphabets in the dominant half of the 19th century. However, the modern Bulgarian alphabets were proposed by Marin Drinov in 1870, which limited the number of alphabets to only 32.

The upper and lower case Ѣ and Ѫ were removed from the Bulgarian alphabets during the linguistic reforms in 1945. Thus, reducing the number of alphabets to 30.

Out of the 30 alphabets, there are six vowels in Bulgarian alphabets. These are e, y, a, и, о, and ъ. The remaining alphabets are consonants.

Bulgarian alphabets represent certain sounds, too. These characters can be represented by two or more English letters.

ч makes ch soundш makes sh sound,
щ makes sht soundю makes yu sound
я makes ya sound 

The character ь is not pronounced in the Bulgarian language.

The additional character Ѝ separates the letter и from Ѝ, which means her Ѝ is not a unique alphabet but rather a conjugation of И.

A Bulgarian noun has three genders; feminine, neuter, and masculine.

A Bulgarian noun has two numbers as well—singular and plural. The plural is derived by editing or removing the singular word form.

Adverbs in the Bulgarian language are created with Bulgarian adjectives by adding “o” at the end. The alphabet “e” is also affixed at the end to create adverbs. The adverbs in the Bulgarian language are very flexible as they can be placed anywhere in the sentence to make sense.

The Bulgarian language has nine categories of pronouns. These are personal, interrogative, possessive, reflexive, demonstrative, negative, summative, relative, and indefinite. Furthermore, these pronouns are also conjugated to represent gender, case, the certainty of action, and numbers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bulgarian translation

Where is primarily Bulgarian spoken?

Bulgarian is a South Slavic language that is spoken chiefly in Southeastern Europe. However, it is primarily spoken in Bulgaria. The list includes countries such as Serbia, Montenegro, Moldova, Romania, Turkey, and Ukraine.

How many people speak the Bulgarian language?

There are seven million people living in Bulgaria. Since it is their official language, these people speak Bulgarian fluently. Furthermore, eight million people living in Europe, Canada, and the USA speak Bulgarian.

Is the Bulgarian language challenging to learn?

The language is tough to learn if you are an English speaker. However, if you are familiar with Slavic languages, you will likely learn Bulgarian quicker.

The language is categorized as complex because:

  • There is a Cyrillic script that has its own rules.
  • The Slavic languages are phonetic, which makes foreign sounds challenging to mimic.
  • The Bulgarian language has a complicated verb conjugation system.

Why hire Kings of Translation?

Quality control

Quality is paramount while performing a professional Bulgarian translation. A misplaced word can be hazardous and can cost a hundred times the cost of the original translation. Therefore, Kings of Translation practices a controlled environment where progress is strictly monitored and supervised. The service is proud to present mistake-free translations to the client by putting their best resources to work in the hopes of building a long-term connection.

Localization services

Kings of Translation ensures the translation services are localized to accommodate the local customers rather than increasing the indifference due to linguistic misunderstandings. Kings of Translation ensures minimum difficulties for the client to penetrate newer markets and attract foreign customers. Successful localization makes targeting the intended audience a lot easier.

Strict Hierarchy

Kings of Translation has a strict hierarchy that minimizes contact disruptions. All translations and clients are introduced to a project manager. The person is responsible for analyzing client expectations and communicating when necessary. The clients will stay updated as the project manager ensures all deadlines are met without compromising the quality of the translation.

Kings of Translation area of expertise

Kings of Translation will provide a professional Bulgarian Translation in the following sectors:

  • Localizing websites for Bulgarian customers and users
  • Localizing games for the Bulgarian entertainment industry
  • Localizing mobile applications for Bulgarian users
  • Localizing product packaging for Bulgarian customers
  • Customer support translation to aid Bulgarian clients
  • Menus, pamphlets, and tourist guidelines for Bulgarian tourism

Experience professional collaboration with Kings of Translation

Kings of Translation offers a first free meeting to the clients to meet with the translator. The services are customer-centric, with an online portal that keeps the customers updated regarding their translations. Contact Kings of Translation today by visiting the website.

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