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Professional Telugu Translation: Best Apps and Sites

by William Reid

Telugu is an Indian language famous in Sri Lanka and south-eastern India. In Telangana and Andra Pradesh, it is an official language. Regional languages like Telugu can be difficult for foreigners to speak; therefore, professional Telugu translation websites are available.

If you want to translate Telugu to English and English to Telugu, here is a list of websites and apps. These are free resources for translation.

professional Telugu translation

Typing Baba

Typing Baba can be a good choice if you want a translator with some extra features. People of different ages find it interesting and beneficial. You can play games and use an online keyboard, typing tutor, and other tools.

The website features a Unicode facility to increase the attraction of text. You can use this free source to translate Telugu into available languages. Remember, typing test is available in different languages.

Easy Telugu Typing for Professional Telugu Translation

To translate English to Telugu, you can use Easy Telugu typing can be a good choice. Several Indians find it useful to translate regional languages. Remember, this website is completely free and the best among others.

The website features a special keyboard to type your text. Several translation options include Gujarati, Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, and Marathi. Additionally, free Telugu fonts and Telugu Unicode are available. If you experience any difficulty, you can find its solution through a video tutorial.

Google Translate

best translation websites

Google Translate allows you to translate more than 100 languages, including international and local. It is one of the best translation apps for iPhone and Android phones. You can use its website or app because both have the same features.

Moreover, Google translate offers speech translation for real-time translation. You can hear the translated text in Telugu or any other language once the translation is done.

Microsoft Translator

Microsoft app is another option for professional Telugu translation with over 60 language options. Microsoft translator is famous for its feature of translating live conversations. It is completely free for everyone, including iOS and Android users.

The app allows you to upload, speak and write documents for Telugu and other translations. Moreover, it offers alternate translations and a guide to learning the right pronunciations. You can communicate with almost 100 people at a time.

Hi Translate

Hi translate is another suitable app for real-time translation. This app is special for extraordinary features, including real-time translation, text translation, offline translation, and voice translation. You can save images of translated text on your phone.

You will get a translation within a few seconds. Hi translate offers cross-application translation; therefore, you can attach it with different apps to write and read in every language.

Telugu-English Translator

It is the best for Telugu translation on the Play store. If you need a free app, you can trust this translator. Some amazing features of this translator include voice input, Telugu keyboard, and history.

If you are studying a foreign language, this app is really useful. Indeed, the user-friendly interface makes it easy for everyone to do professional Telugu translation. Remember, you can view history and favorite lists through offline translated information.


For Telugu translation, PoliLingua is a famous platform with 24 professional translators. As a reliable translation agency, they offer effective methodologies to satisfy their clients. You can hire an expert for your Telugu projects because they will manage everything with a professional approach and maximum devotion.

PoliLingua offers automotive translation services to Volkswagen and Toyota. They have professional Telugu translators who know how to work in an area. Moreover, they focus on delivering quick results because of their knowledge and experience in hiring these projects.


Fortunately, you can translate text into different languages. Everyone can use this website: open the LingvaNex, start typing in the box and choose a translation language. It is another option for Telugu translation, with a capacity of almost 10,000 words for each translation.

You can use a dictionary to verify the right meaning of each text. Moreover, voice translation is available, such as speaking your words and getting them translated in a few seconds. LingvaNex may be a reliable Telugu translation platform for businesses.

India Typing

Do you want a reliable platform for regional and local translation? India typing can be a good choice, with a capacity of almost 4,900 words for each translation. Moreover, you can use special characters in your text during translation.

The website offers typing tests, tutors, and font services in Telugu. Moreover, a voice translation feature allows you to speak your words and get Telugu text in a few seconds. Remember, India Typing is famous among Telugu-speaking people. Indeed, the editor option is available for formatting.

English to Telugu Translator

You will get this app from Play Store to translate from English to Telugu. In this way, you can learn a new language while translating your text. The app has several features, including a Telugu keyboard, typing test, and Telugu learning.

The user-friendly interface makes it easy to use for everyone. You can count on this translation app if you want to study a foreign language. You will get words and complete sentences.


SEAtongue is a reliable name for a Telugu translation service. They have highly trained linguists, satisfied clients, and business partners in the world. You will get customized translation services within your budget. Perhaps, translation services include editing, proofreading, review, terminology management, transcription, and quality assessment.

They have experienced Telugu translators; therefore, you will find someone special for your project. You will get specialized translated services for your business. If you want professional Telugu translation for your business documents, SEAtongue can be a good choice.

I M Translator

For Telugu to English translation, it is another free tool powered by Google. You can use it to translate Telugu into 100 other languages. If you want to learn Telugu, I M translator is good for learning new words and phrases.

Machine translation engines can translate your text from English to Telugu in a few seconds. Feel free to use this online tool and get the advantage of spell checking tool, text-to-speech service, on-screen keyboard, etc.

Why do you need professional Telugu translation?

Almost 75 million people worldwide speak Telugu; therefore, you will need translation services to approach this market. There is an 86 percent increase in the population of Telugu people in America. For this reason, you cannot sell them without preparing an advertisement or sales copy in Telugu.

You will need an effective and professional Telugu translator for your business. Inexperienced people may find it difficult to translate your ideas and messages. For this reason, choose experienced professionals for your assistance. They should have a strong grasp of language and can execute your ideas in the best way.

Additionally, you can use free tools to learn how to speak Telugu. It will be fun to learn something using the internet.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have a list of all possible apps, sites, and services for English to Telugu translation. You can choose one of them to get translated text. For your business document, avoid using free tools. Try human-based paid translation services

In short, you can get professional Telugu translation services at an affordable rate. Carefully choose a service provider after considering your needs.

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